COLI is proud to announce our newest Internet Broadband service Slashband.  Faster than 4G and 5G, Faster than Cable.

Slashband Internet comes in two flavors.  Fiber and Wireless.  With the next generation service we can offer download speeds up to 200Mbps Download and Upload.

logo2Slashband Features.

  • Its Fast.  Faster than Cable.  Fastest Service available in Northern Michigan.
  • Speeds up to 200Mbps with Slashband Fiber.  Up to 75Mbps with Slashband Wireless
  • Its affordable
  • No Data Caps of any kind
  • No Hidden Fees.
  • Multiple contract options.  Don’t need to be locked in for 2 years if you don’t want to be.
  • Phone line, fax and TV add on services available

Call Today at 888-299-0071 to talk to a COLI representative.  

From Dialup in 1996 to high speed wireless in 2001 and now super high speed Fiber Optics connections today.  COLI is on the very edge of the technological divide and continues to find new ways to provide faster service to those in Northern Michigan.

High-SpeedFiber OpticWhy COLI?

Wireless Tower

In 2001 COLI started to offer Highspeed Wireless service in the Rapid City, Alden area.  Since then we have expanded our Wireless Service area to cover portions of Antrim, Charlevoix, Grand Traverse, Kalkaska, and Leelanau Counties.  Including the cities of Acme, Alden, Atwood, Bellaire, Central lake, Charlevoix, East Jordan, Eastport, Elk Rapids, Ellsworth, Kalkaska, Kewadin, Leelanau, Mancelona, Northport, Rapid City, Torch Lake, Traverse City and Williamsburg.  If your residence or business is physically in our service area, there is a good chance you can get a High Speed Internet Wireless Connection from COLI.

Interested in learning more?  Please visit the following High Speed Internet Services sections below:



Business Services or Residential Services
High Speed Internet Service Provider - Fiber Optic ServiceSuper Fast High Speed Fiber Optic Connections now available to some in our service area.  Fiber Optic connections represent the very latest in Connectivity Broadband Service to the internet.  There is nothing out there that is more capable.  In Fact, Fiber Optic connections is what the internet is built on.   Fiber Connections span all accross the US and also it is what is used to connect continents together.

In June of 2012 COLI began constructing a fiber backbone connection down Rapid City Rd to connect up to existing fiber on M72.  With this network, COLI now offers a service called FTTx or Fiber to the Premise at rates comparable to Cable, but speeds well in excess of what cable is capable of.  Service like this is normally only available to large business for thousands per month.  Now with COLI, we are offering it to everyday people at rates Northern Michigan Residences and Businesses can handle.

Why use COLI for your High Speed Internet Needs?

  • We offer High Speed Internet plans with download speeds comparable to cable and upload speeds in excess of cable.
  • No Data Caps on our plans!
  • We offer Affordable Monthly Plans without the “catches”
  • Its secure.  We use the latest security techniques on our connections.
  • Technical Support you can Understand.
  • We are a local family owned company with employee from the area
  • 24 hours 7 days a week technical support
  • High Speed Internet for all your devices.  No per device limit.
  • Call us for Router Support, if you use our router rental service.
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