Business Services

COLI Offers a wide array of Business Services

High Speed Connections (Fastest are at the top)

  • FTTx
    (Access the Internet at extremely High Speeds using a Fiber Optic Connection from your business to the internet backbone)
  • High Speed Broadband
    (Access the Internet at Blazing Speeds with an external wireless antenna mounted outside your business) (Requires no hookup line from a utility company)
  • High Speed Satellite Service from Exede
    (Access the Internet at High Speed through a dedicated satellite system that connects right to your computer/router)
  • DSL
    (Access the Internet at High speeds with your business telephone line)
  • Dedicated (T1, T3)
    (1.5Megs or more Up and Down over a very reliable connection)
  • VPN
    (Create a virtual connection between Offices or Business Locations over the Internet, or your home and business)
  • Point to Point Networking Services
    (Extend your business network between other building on your property or access large distances)

Other Business Services

  • Digital Phone Service
    Save big Money on Phone Services by going digital and use your business internet connection for phone service, rather then paying the telcos.
  • Email Services
    Up to 5 gigs storage per email address for your own domain. Fully Ajax supported web-mail program included or use your own email client. Supports IMAP, WAP, POP3, and SMTP.
  • Data Backup
    Backup your data on a offsite server, away from any disaster that may happen to your data at home
  • Business IP Camera Systems.
    View your business from anywhere with an IP camera system from COLI.  We can do Onsite or Offsite storage of video using your internet connection.
  • Premise Wifi installation and Network Management
    Add a wireless wifi services for your business and hotspot for your clients.  Update or add Networking equipment to make sure your intraoffice network is up to date.
  • Server Co-Location
    Co-Locate your server in our data center.
  • Website Hosting and Domain Registration
    Latest Web technologies with local knowledgeable support
  • Custom Business Programming. 
    We can create an invoice system, or other programming to speed up or help with business functions (Call for more details)