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Replace your Business Fax line for just $15 / month.

Introducing, COLI Fax!!  A new service from COLI Inc, that lets you keep using your old fax machine, get the benifits of the new internet fax services.  Unlike other internet fax services, COLI Fax, lets you keep using your fax machine, like you always have.   No learning how to fax all over again.

With COLI Fax, you can get all the new internet fax features and also loose the dedicated fax phone line you been paying for.

Features Include:

  • Fax to email; receive all faxes as an attachment in your email.  (This is in addition to the faxes going directly to your fax machine)
  • Email to Fax; (Fax directly from your computer or other device (no fax machine required)
  • Web administration panel to view faxes
  • Windows application to view and send faxes
  • Fax anywhere anytime with your computer or other email enabled device
  • HIPPA Compliant
    Perfect for doctor/medical offices. Sending faxes over a fax enabled device is HIPPA compliant and the data is secured by super strong SSL encryption techniques.

The Cost is quite a bit less then your dedicated fax line, which is not needed.

Monthly Fee Activation
Pay for the equipment up front $15 / Month $109.99
Rent the equipment $15 / Month + $10 / Month Rental (ongoing) $25.00
All accounts include a maximum of 400 minutes (incoming & outgoing combined).  Additional minutes are billed at 5cents per minute.  (typically 1 page fax takes a minute)
Business Fax How Does it Work

Business Fax How Does it Work

COLI Fax works with your Existing Traditional Fax machine, by connecting a converter device (fax enable device) to your Fax machine with a regular phone cable. The fax enable device is then connected to your Internet router with a ethernet cable. This fax enable device converts your documents to data packets.

When you send a fax, your fax machine will dial the phone number like it always does, but unlike a remote fax machine answering, the fax enable device answers and recieves the fax. After the fax machine finishes sending the document to the modem enable device, the modem enable device, changes the fax to data and sends the document over the internet to our service. Once our service gets the data, we dial the remote fax machine (the intended party) and deliver the fax document to the remote party.

For receiving a fax, the whole process is just in reverse. The fax enable device will receive the fax from our servers and then dial your fax machine to deliver your fax.

What is a Fax Enable Device?
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How do I send a fax directly from Email without using Fax Enable Device
Is there a desktop program to send a fax and also to see what I have recieved.?
What type of attachments can I send using the Email to Fax service or the desktop program?
How do I change the Email address my Faxes are recieved at, the Authorized email account, and the confirmation address on my account.
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