$17 / Month ($16 Credit Card Auto-pay)

*All Dial-up accounts include 2 e-mail addresses, Free Spam and Virus protection, Free COLI Accelerator, COLI Nation access, and FREE TECHNICAL SUPPORT.

  • Free Technical Support: (Included)
    All our customers enjoy free technical support. Many lower priced companies charge for technical support, we do not. We have found that it is best for our customers to be able to get their problems fixed so that they can continue to use our service.
  • Accelerated Dial-up: (Included)
    Browse the web at nearly the speed of broadband, without the cost. At as little as $10 per month, when paid with our 2 year plan, you can dial up through our system and have the added benefits of the Web Accelerator. Free with this service is the COLI Pop-up Blocker. It blocks most of those annoying pop-up adds we all hate.
  • Free Email Spam and Virus protection: (Included)
    Our innovative Anti-SPAM and Anti-VIRUS e-mail server boasts a 99.8% filter rate for spam and blocks almost every e-mail virus that would be sent to your inbox. Unlike most Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus programs companies offer, you never need to download this spam, thus dramatically decreasing the time it takes to download all those spam messages. The mail is prescreened before it ever gets to your computer.