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Why High-Speed Wireless is right for you!

towerHigh-speed Internet access is fast becoming a household name anymore. Children, college students and working professionals alike are becoming increasingly more dependent on a premium Internet connection to conduct even the most basic of tasks.

With COLI Communication’s high-speed Internet service, we can provide to you an alternative at slightly more than what you are paying for just dial-up alone!

With our non-line-of-sight system, we have more flexibility in the installation process. In some cases it will even allow you the option to install the antenna to the inside of a wall and get great signal. While this is an excellent alternative to people in harder to reach areas, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is a definitive solution for installation.

Our new, line-of-sight system, allows us to cover great distances at nearly half the price of the non-line-of-sight system but it does require an outdoor install and near line-of-sight to our tower. This service has an amazing range of coverage and we have recorded customer links at almost 20 miles with perfect conditions!

Always-On Access:
Wireless, always-on Internet access, with no wait to reconnect every time you want to surf the Internet or check your e-mail. You’ll stay connected to the Internet via a high-speed link. No more busy signals or timely connects; with COLI Wireless the Internet waits for you.

With download speeds up to 15Mbps* (~15000kbs compared to 50kbs for a fast dial up modem), downloading a file that used to take up to 5 minutes with dial-up can now take as little as a second with Wireless!

Unaffected by bad weather:
Weather doesn’t affect this technology. With the recent technological advances, weather has become a non-existent factor with wireless. What this means to you is that your browsing experience will go un-interrupted. Always on, and always there for you.

A Shared Experience :
COLI Wireless can be shared among many computers in the household or business without the worry of being charged in excess. Shared access means money in your pocket. No longer do you need the extra phone lines for Internet. Wireless can supply everyone within the building with always on high speed Internet access.

The wireless system consists of a subscriber unit mounted on, near, or even in your home. Within 1 mile of the tower, the antenna does not need line of sight to the tower, but up to 15 miles it will need line of sight.  One ethernet cable connects the radio to a PC or network router.


The antenna both sends requests to the Internet and receives Internet content from the base station, which is centrally located for optimal coverage. The base station, in turn, communicates with now COLI Communication’s direct connection to the Internet.

Inside your house, the wireless system consists of an access unit radio and power supply (which is about the size of a package of 3.5in x 5in note cards) that attaches to your home PC through a network card, or firewall router. In both cases, no telephone connection, dial-up account or other Internet service providers are needed. Broadband wireless provides everything you need to fully enjoy the benefits of the internet at lightning fast speeds.

Residential 5G Wireless – (Where Available)

5G Basic*
per month
  • Download: 3Mbps-8Mbps
  • Upload: 2Mbps
  • No Bandwidth Cap
  • $99 standard Install with 2 year service Contract
5G Enhanced*
per month
  • Download: 5Mbps-15Mbps
  • Upload: 4Mbps
  • No Bandwidth Cap
  • $99 standard Install with 2 year service Contract

* 5G Rates only available in select service locations.  More locations will be available soon.  Please contact us, if you would like to know if its available at your location.
* Current Customers one time fee:  Remote upgrade where available $50, Onsite upgrade is $75
* Speeds are all up to speeds.  Customer speeds may vary.
* All Prepayments are a contract for the period you are paying and is not refundable under any circumstance.

Residential 4G Wireless

4G Bronze
per month
  • Download: 500Kbps-1.5Mbps
  • Upload: 250Kbps
  • No Bandwidth Cap
  • $99 standard Install with 2 year service Contract
4G Silver
per month
  • Download: 2Mbps-3.5Mbps
  • Upload: 375Kbps
  • No Bandwidth Cap
  • $99 standard Install with 2 year service Contract
4G Gold
per month
  • Download: 4Mbps-6Mbps
  • Upload: 650Kbps
  • No Bandwidth Cap
  • $99 standard Install with 2 year service Contract

* Speeds are all up to speeds.  Customer speeds may vary.

One time Equipment Purchase
Will be one of the below costs:

  • All Standard Non-Line of Sight and Line of Sight Radios are leased to the customer.
  • Non-Standard Equipment will be quoted on a Case by Case Basis

One time Standard Installation Charge for Leases

Install Price Contract Term
$99.00 2 years
$149.00 1 year
$199.00 None

COLI Router Rental: $4.95/month + $15 Activation.
Enhanced Range Wireless Router: $6.95/month + $20 Activation

Standard Installation

The following items and components constitute a “standard” installation:

  • A wireless antenna.
  • A universal (tri-mount roof) antenna mount.
  • One cable run from the antenna to the install location, up to a maximum of 75 feet of cable (exterior and interior).
  • One penetration point, or point of entry (POE), for line from the outside to the interior of the house. At least one POE will be provided, at a point reasonably closest to the room where the computer is located.
  • Initializing the Internet access service on your PC

Non-Standard Installation
The following items and components constitute a “non-standard” installation:

  • A “non-standard” installation consists of anything beyond the standard installation just described . The following lists additional charges for some common non-standard installation items and activities.

Service Charges

  • Additional point of entry (POE) beyond the POE included in a standard installation. $20.00 each.
  • Additional cable over 75feet will be charged at cost.
  • Conduit material and installation, if required or requested for all or portions of the cable run will be charged to the customer at cost.
  • Material rate for miscellaneous non-standard materials will be charged at cost
  • Labor rate for misc. non-standard labor activities
    Fishing walls – burying cable – running cable behind interior wall for example will be charged out at $60.00 per hour.
  • Additional site visit if required or requested for non-standard items $60.00 per visit plus above hourly rate once on site
  • Larger Pole Mount for greater heights and support for high wind conditions, if needed will be charged to the customer at cost.
  • Non-Standard Equipment carry one time surcharge.


The COLI Wireless Broadband Coverage Area is indicated by the green & Red overlay on the below map. This area is calculated by line of sight to one of our 200+ Access Points. If you are in the green and have line of sight to our access point, your chances for service are good, if you are not in the green or do not have line of sight, a structure, like a tower, may be needed at your location to obtain service.