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COLI Offers local Technical Support Service.
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COLI Office Support Hours – 8am to 6pm Monday – Friday
Off-Site Support Hours – 24 Hours a day 365 days a year.

Tech Support Email address:
Tech Support Phone: 888.299.0071
Text Message (SMS): 231.714.4439

COLI Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I determine if I can I get service from you?

I can get 4G Wireless Service but not 5G, Why?

Can I upgrade between service plans?

Where is your Acceptable Use Policy for your Services.

Why don't you have Data usage Caps on your Wireless or Fiber Optic Service

If we can't get service to you, can we pay you to either put a tower up, or maybe install fiber optic to our location?
How do I pay my Bill?

Do you allow paying in advance?

Do you offer refunds for payments

When is our billing Due Date?

Why didn't I get a statement or invoice in the US Mail?

I am not getting any billing statements or invoices at all from you

I am a business and we need an invoice for our services instead of a statement?

I don't know my username or password to login to my account
How to Change your Homepage
What is a Cookie
How Do I Go To Internet Address I Find On Television Or In Magazine Advertisements?
How to Clear your Browser Cache
What are the email settings?
How come I'm getting repeat messages?
I'm getting an error [User not permitted to relay] when trying to send email.
I'm not suddenly unable to send emails and its not giving me an error.
What is Digital Telephone (VoIP)?
Why should I use Digital Telephone (VoIP)?
What is broadband?
How does Digital Telephone (VoIP) service work?
Can I talk on the phone and be online at the same time?
How do I make phone calls with Digital Telephone?
Can I call anyone I want?
What advanced features are offered?
Why should I use Digital Telephone?
What is a Fax Enable Device?
Can I order the service without the extra cost of a fax enable device
How to Send a Fax with Fax Enable Device
How do I send a fax directly from Email without using Fax Enable Device
Is there a desktop program to send a fax and also to see what I have recieved.?
What type of attachments can I send using the Email to Fax service or the desktop program?
How do I change the Email address my Faxes are recieved at, the Authorized email account, and the confirmation address on my account.